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Mega Sena Update

Due to operational issues, ticket sales for the Mega Sena lottery have been temporarily suspended. We hope to resume sales as soon as possible. There are plenty more world lotteries for you to check and play though! Take a look at theLotter now!

About Mega Sena

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The Mega Sena Lottery has provided Brazil with the biggest jackpots since 1961!

There are only three prize divisions but don't let that put you off. Having only three prize divisions means BIG BIG Money for the lucky winners of this famous lottery.

Make sure you play the New Year Super Draw known as the Mega da Virada which attracts lottery players in droves from all over the world.

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This popular world lottery is drawn twice a week on Wednesdays on Saturdays at 20:00 local time. Don't miss out on a chance to be the next jackpot winner by purchasing your tickets in time.

Play Mega Sena Lottery online from any country on the planet. Choose from more than 50 worldwide lotteries. And the best part of keep 100% of your winnings!

How to Play Mega Sena Lottery

If you want to win the jackpot, you must pick and match the six numbers drawn from this 60 ball lottery correctly.

Mega-Sena TicketThe second prize is awarded to players who match five numbers, and the final award is given to players who match four numbers.

There are only three prize divisions with this lottery but don't worry. Even if you don't hit the jackpot, you still have two other chances of winning a massive prize. Fewer prize divisions mean big cash prizes in all three prize tiers.

Prizes must be claimed within 90 days from the day of the draw. Like all Brazilian lotteries, prizes are paid out in cash tax-free after the required taxes have already been deducted.

You have two chances each week to win this South American lottery. It comes every Wednesday, and every Saturday so don't forget to get your lucky numbers entered in time!

Players looking to follow Brazil's premier lottery are invited to subscribe and receive every 10th play free. Or purchase a Multi-Draw to enjoy up to 25% off the price of participation when purchasing draws in advance.

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Can I play Mega Sena from outside Brazil?

MegaSenaYes! While Mega Sena is the official lottery of Brazil when you play the lottery with us, an official ticket will be purchased on your behalf in Brazil.

Once your ticket is purchased, it will be scanned and you will be able to view your ticket online and through the app, in time for the draw on Wednesday or Saturday.

If you're a winner, prizes will be deposited straight into your account after results are published. Jackpots may need to be collected in person, but we're sure that won't be a problem!

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Mega da Virada Superdraw

Mega Sena da Viranda Tickets

Just like EuroMillions Superdraw, the Mega Sena lottery presents the Mega da Virada with a special draw on New Year's Eve.

Players pick six numbers in precisely the same way as the regular draw, but it offers a significantly higher must-win jackpot.

The biggest Mega Da Virada jackpot to date was R$306 which was won by one lucky player in 2017. Second highest jackpot was R$302 million in the 2018 draw.

If no tickets match the six numbers selected in the draw, the prize money rolls down to winning tickets in the next highest prize tier.

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Playing Brazil's number one lotto game is easier than it sounds! Follow these steps and you're in:

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Recent Mega-Sena Results

Saturday29 August 2020
9 15 20 33 41 43
Wednesday26 August 2020
1 2 10 37 42 48
Saturday22 August 2020
6 16 18 33 42 57
Wednesday19 August 2020
12 26 31 36 37 49
Saturday15 August 2020
5 18 36 44 57 60

View Full Historical Results

Brazil Mega-Sena Lotto Jackpot History

August 1st 2020 R$22.65M
July 22nd 2020 R$28.46M
July 14th 2020 R$43.23M
June 24th 2020 R$43.27M
June 3rd 2020 R$45.55M
May 16th 2020 R$101.20M
April 1st 2020 R$4.91M
March 21st 2020 R$15.19M
March 18th 2020 R$12.15M
March 7th 2020 R$55.79M
February 27th 2020 R$211.65M
December 31st 2019 R$304.21M
December 19th 2019 R$40.06M
December 4th 2019 R$51.12M
November 6th 2019 R$61.43M
October 16th 2019 R$34.62M
September 28th 2019 R$5.70M
September 24th 2019 R$43.26M
September 18th 2019 R$120.09M
August 6th 2019 R$30.51M
July 20th 2019 R$21.98M
July 11th 2019 R$8.18M
July 3rd 2019 R$35.22M
June 19th 2019 R$124.21M
May 22nd 2019 R$11.83M
May 11th 2019 R$289.42M
March 20th 2019 R$32.69M
March 6th 2019 R$78.94M
February 2nd 2019 R$24.67M
January 23rd 2019 R$37.90M
December 31st 2018 R$302.54M
November 24th 2018 R$69.19M
October 25th 2018 R$20.02M
October 17th 2018 R$2.53M
October 13th 2018 R$27.36M
September 26th 2018 R$2.42M
September 22nd 2018 R$21.76M
September 12th 2018 R$27.76M
September 1st 2018 R$44.66M
August 8th 2018 R$35.16M
July 25th 2018 R$73.45M
June 23rd 2018 R$38.51M
May 30th 2018 R$29.07M
May 16th 2018 R$58.93M
April 25th 2018 R$2.78M
April 20th 2018 R$9.35M
April 11th 2018 R$22.12M
April 4th 2018 R$41M
March 17th 2018 R$59.73M
January 13th 2018 R$12.29M
December 31st 2017 R$306.72M
November 29th 2017 R$65.91M
November 1st 2017 R$2.60M
October 28th 2017 R$20.78M
October 19th 2017 R$3.95M
October 14th 2017 R$5.89M
October 7th 2017 R$22.58M
October 4th 2017 R$54.27M
September 6th 2017 R$78.02M
August 10th 2017 R$51.56M
July 29th 2017 R$107.96M
June 21st 2017 R$26.57M
June 7th 2017 R$6.31M
May 31st 2017 R$62.79M
May 6th 2017 R$3.34M
May 3rd 2017 R$41.32M
April 26th 2017 R$101.48M
March 22nd 2017 R$5.81M
March 15th 2017 R$5.85M
March 8th 2017 R$59.74M
February 11th 2017 R$35.44M
January 21st 2017 R$28.78M
December 31st 2016 R$220.95M
December 22nd 2016 R$40.18M
November 30th 2016 R$18.92M
November 23rd 2016 R$12.96M
November 10th 2016 R$29.70M
October 29th 2016 R$76.55M
October 1st 2016 R$5.83M
September 24th 2016 R$57.63M
September 3rd 2016 R$9.54M
August 24th 2016 R$58.63M
August 3rd 2016 R$2.69M
July 30th 2016 R$27.80M
July 16th 2016 R$25.21M
July 6th 2016 R$9.14M
June 25th 2016 R$2.62M
June 22nd 2016 R$27.49M
June 7th 2016 R$27.33M
May 25th 2016 R$39.79M
May 5th 2016 R$32.49M
April 20th 2016 R$92.30M
March 16th 2016 R$22.05M
March 5th 2016 R$23.82M
February 27th 2016 R$2.94M
February 24th 2016 R$35.20M
February 4th 2016 R$34.02M
January 16th 2016 R$25.25M
December 31st 2015 R$246.53M
December 22nd 2015 R$197.38M
October 3rd 2015 R$46.44M
September 12th 2015 R$31.11M
September 2nd 2015 R$38.62M
August 15th 2015 R$3.33M
August 12th 2015 R$7.04M
August 6th 2015 R$27.88M
July 29th 2015 R$46.39M
July 9th 2015 R$36.40M
June 24th 2015 R$40.78M
June 13th 2015 R$63.20M
May 20th 2015 R$29.94M
May 7th 2015 R$2.76M
May 5th 2015 R$2.02M
May 2nd 2015 R$31.49M
April 18th 2015 R$32.91M
April 11th 2015 R$46.90M
March 25th 2015 R$7.22M
March 18th 2015 R$3.17M
March 14th 2015 R$26.78M
March 4th 2015 R$7.20M
February 25th 2015 R$3.03M
February 21st 2015 R$16.55M
February 18th 2015 R$5.55M
February 11th 2015 R$7.36M
February 4th 2015 R$29.35M
January 24th 2015 R$33.47M
January 7th 2015 R$5.86M
December 31st 2014 R$263.30M
December 24th 2014 R$7.99M
December 17th 2014 R$8.15M
December 10th 2014 R$33.64M
December 3rd 2014 R$3.75M
November 29th 2014 R$8.34M
November 22nd 2014 R$135.32M
October 25th 2014 R$61.05M
October 1st 2014 R$30.27M
September 27th 2014 R$56.95M
September 10th 2014 R$7.07M
September 3rd 2014 R$46.77M
August 16th 2014 R$44.34M
July 30th 2014 R$29.28M
July 19th 2014 R$3.40M
July 16th 2014 R$32.15M
July 5th 2014 R$6.91M
June 28th 2014 R$42.68M
June 7th 2014 R$31.60M
May 24th 2014 R$7.22M
May 17th 2014 R$17.75M
May 14th 2014 R$11.88M
May 3rd 2014 R$2.83M
April 30th 2014 R$21.95M
April 23rd 2014 R$5.26M
April 16th 2014 R$37.63M
April 5th 2014 R$51.08M
March 15th 2014 R$7.34M
March 8th 2014 R$33.55M
February 26th 2014 R$7.60M
February 19th 2014 R$111.50M
January 18th 2014 R$14.79M
January 11th 2014 R$3.22M
January 8th 2014 R$6.87M
December 31st 2013 R$224.68M
December 21st 2013 R$51.49M
November 27th 2013 R$2.82M
November 23rd 2013 R$23.63M
November 20th 2013 R$5.77M
November 13th 2013 R$6.87M
November 6th 2013 R$80.50M
October 11th 2013 R$2.16M
October 9th 2013 R$23.23M
September 28th 2013 R$5.73M
September 21st 2013 R$5.80M
September 14th 2013 R$7.80M
September 11th 2013 R$8.14M
August 31st 2013 R$31.75M
August 14th 2013 R$25.31M
July 31st 2013 R$2.58M
July 27th 2013 R$15.20M
July 24th 2013 R$14.06M
July 10th 2013 R$22.93M
July 3rd 2013 R$42.34M
June 8th 2013 R$3.14M
June 5th 2013 R$22.61M
June 1st 2013 R$43.04M
May 11th 2013 R$2.94M
May 8th 2013 R$26.46M
April 27th 2013 R$2.87M
April 17th 2013 R$37.14M
March 27th 2013 R$31.62M
March 9th 2013 R$16.18M
March 6th 2013 R$14.74M
February 20th 2013 R$18.88M
February 13th 2013 R$1.54M
February 9th 2013 R$3.10M
February 6th 2013 R$29.87M
January 23rd 2013 R$22.47M
January 12th 2013 R$13.25M
December 31st 2012 R$244.78M
November 28th 2012 R$2.64M
November 24th 2012 R$33.88M
November 7th 2012 R$24.41M
October 31st 2012 R$38.48M
October 17th 2012 R$2.70M
October 13th 2012 R$33.91M
September 26th 2012 R$8.83M
September 15th 2012 R$17.53M
September 8th 2012 R$2.19M
September 5th 2012 R$2.66M
September 1st 2012 R$27.70M
August 18th 2012 R$3.10M
August 15th 2012 R$28.38M
August 4th 2012 R$3.29M
August 1st 2012 R$43.01M
July 11th 2012 R$27.62M
June 27th 2012 R$25.16M
June 20th 2012 R$38.27M
May 30th 2012 R$8.14M
May 19th 2012 R$13.84M
May 16th 2012 R$13.49M
May 2nd 2012 R$13.40M
April 28th 2012 R$8.06M
April 18th 2012 R$22.82M
April 4th 2012 R$5.60M
March 28th 2012 R$15.64M
March 21st 2012 R$8.52M
March 10th 2012 R$15M
March 3rd 2012 R$4.87M
February 25th 2012 R$22.90M
February 11th 2012 R$5.77M
February 4th 2012 R$45.35M
January 14th 2012 R$2.82M
January 11th 2012 R$8.31M
December 31st 2011 R$177.62M
December 24th 2011 R$7.10M
December 17th 2011 R$24.41M
December 10th 2011 R$37.49M
November 19th 2011 R$5.45M
November 12th 2011 R$3.09M
November 9th 2011 R$21.89M
October 29th 2011 R$2.96M
October 26th 2011 R$29.22M
October 15th 2011 R$45.39M
September 21st 2011 R$31.07M
September 3rd 2011 R$2.82M
August 31st 2011 R$63.98M
August 6th 2011 R$32.08M
July 16th 2011 R$2.75M
July 13th 2011 R$18.97M
July 6th 2011 R$9.05M
June 25th 2011 R$73.45M
June 4th 2011 R$52.88M
May 7th 2011 R$34.94M
April 20th 2011 R$71.41M
March 26th 2011 R$38.83M
March 2nd 2011 R$33.36M
February 12th 2011 R$52.42M
January 15th 2011 R$11.18M
December 31st 2010 R$194.40M
December 4th 2010 R$30.15M
November 13th 2010 R$22.38M
October 30th 2010 R$5.45M
October 23rd 2010 R$24.97M
October 20th 2010 R$13.34M
October 6th 2010 R$119.14M
September 4th 2010 R$92.52M
July 28th 2010 R$21.82M
July 10th 2010 R$20.64M
June 23rd 2010 R$19.61M
June 9th 2010 R$21.73M
May 29th 2010 R$33.57M
May 8th 2010 R$32.02M
April 14th 2010 R$19.10M
April 10th 2010 R$46.21M
March 10th 2010 R$29.89M
February 27th 2010 R$72.72M
January 16th 2010 R$14.84M